Trailer: Les Miserables


I’m still super-excited for this one, and the teaser trailer definitely whets my appetite a bit. It looks absolutely fantastic just from an aesthetic point of view. My biggest complaint, which will continue to be a complaint, is the casting of Anne Hathaway as Fantine. I understand why she was cast (current big name, can actually sing), but she’s still a poor choice in my opinion. She’s just too young and fresh, and even though they’ve obviously tried to make her look like hell, I don’t think they’ve succeeded. Also, her voice isn’t doing it for me. Again, too young and fresh. She’s working hard to provide the emotion, but I’m not sold. Still, I think it’ll be a solid movie. Tom Hooper directed 2011’s Best Picture Winner, The King’s Speech, therefore we know he’s capable of working with great actors and delivering excellent period pictures, so no worries there. This is going to be good, you guys. Squeeeeee.

2 responses to “Trailer: Les Miserables

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  2. I think her voice is fine but I’m with you about Anne’s casting in general. Ah well, it’s the male cast that’ll get me to see this on the big screen 😀 I do hope this’ll be good!!

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