Midweek Break: SDCC = Meh Edition

I was SO POSITIVE last week that we would hear something, anything about Captain Marvel out of Comic-Con and instead … crickets. So … meh. I could share some of the buzzed-about trailers but you’ve already seen ’em if you want to, so I’m not gonna.

am going to share this post about Johnny Depp at Comic-Con because I wish I’d written it. I would also like to hereby propose a boycott of the movie being promoted, not that I’ll convince any rabid Harry Potter fans. The first one was entertaining enough but the problems dogging the production (outlined nicely in the linked piece) don’t particularly incline me to see a second.

You know how last time I said I wasn’t that into podcasts? Well, after that my husband told me about Thirst Aid Kit, which is literally a podcast about hot guys. Why did nobody tell me people would listen to a podcast about hot movie stars? I would’ve started one ages ago! Among the objects of thirst discussed so far: Oscar Isaac, John Cho, and Tom Hiddleston. Yes, indeed, Banana Oil Movies-approved!

I’ve got a couple of trailers for you this week: the first will likely require no explanation if you’ve ever had a conversation with me about movie stars I like. It’s called Boy Erased, and it’s a true story about a young man whose parents put him into a gay conversion program. It’s got quite a cast, and looks really good.

The second trailer is for a Netflix feature called Sierra Burgess is a LoserIt stars Shannon Purser (of Stranger Things fame) and is essentially a gender-bent, updated take on Cyrano de Bergerac. I am an absolute sucker for literary adaptations done well, and this movie looks like it absolutely fits the bill.

Late-breaking item of interest! Just saw on Twitter that Lin-Manuel Miranda is going to be producing a limited series about Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon starring Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams. Um, wow.

What’s on your radar this week, friends? Anything good? Let me know!


Because I can include John Cho gifs if I want to, so there.

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