Movie Limbo

Hi there. You may have noticed I haven’t had much to say recently. There are multiple reasons for this: the biggest one, I suppose, is that I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past six months; toddlers take up a lot more time than infants do. Aside from that, though, my family is making a big move in less than two weeks, and I’ve just been going like mad trying to get us ready. Every day I tell myself: Go blog! And every day I sit down and stare blankly at the computer screen. There’s even a lot to write about, but I am just not focused these days. And so, I think I’m going to take a bit of a break. I’ll pop back in for big stuff (mainly Les Miserables) but I will probably lay low for the holiday season and hope that life has settled itself by the New Year. As always, thank you so very much for reading: I am always so excited that I’m not entirely just doing this for myself.

Here’s a run-down of what I’ve been doing lately (that’s movie-related).

  • We watched Harvey. It’s fantastic. Possibly the most impressed I have been with Jimmy Stewart to date.
  • We also watched The Queen. Very interesting from an historical perspective, and good performances all around; obviously Helen Mirren’s was superb. The movie overall as a little uneven, I thought. Also, I think I’ve decided I’m just not a Michael Sheen fan.
  • New Year’s Resolution: see more movies in the theater. Since we have a small person, that’s been difficult, BUT we are moving closer to family, so in theory we’ll have more opportunity to get out.
  • I had a reader question, and I absolutely wanted to write an entire post addressing it. I might try to pop back in for that!
  • I am so excited for Les Miserables, I can hardly stand it.
  • This movie looks super-fun, don’t you think?

  • Happy holidays to you and yours! I look forward to chatting with everyone again soon.


4 responses to “Movie Limbo

  1. Hey Sam, when are you moving here? Are you in MN now? Best of luck with everything and do let me know if you ever need anything. We should definitely do a meet up when you get settled in, ok?

    I’m excited for Les Miz too, oh man just the two Aussies alone are enough to get me to the theater pronto!!

    • We head out next Tuesday, and plan to move in on Saturday the 8th! You will be getting an invite to an eventual house-warming party for sure. 🙂

  2. sanclementejedi

    Best of luck with that stay at home mom/movie blog thing. It gets easier, from a stay at home dad/film blogger 🙂

    enjoyed checking out your blog

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