So You Think You Can Review

Hello, everyone. I have a confession to make: I’ve been keeping secrets from you. About two months ago, I signed on to a crazy competition/project that was being put on through the Large Association of Movie Blogs called “So You Think You Can Review.” Starting with a bracket of 32 movie bloggers, we were paired off and assigned a movie to watch. Two people would watch the same movie, write a review, and then other LAMB members would vote on whose review they enjoyed more. We wrote under pseudonymous handles so that, theoretically, nobody knew who we were. The contest ended yesterday, and I have the pleasure to state: Yes. I DO think I can review. Yours truly, writing as Zelda’s Kid Sister, (catch the reference?) finished in third place!

It was a really interesting project. I signed on because aside from thinking that I do, in fact, write pretty decent reviews, I thought that it would force me to branch out of my comfort zone. Boy, was I right about that! In the next week or so, I will share with you the reviews that I wrote for the contest. I know I’ve been a little less prolific here lately, but that was largely because I was watching/writing these reviews that I couldn’t post because of the anonymity rule. Coming soon! Reviews of the following movies: Eraserhead (eek!), The Exorcist (EEK), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Super Mario Bros., and Napoleon Dynamite. The last review would have been for the final round, which I missed by one point.

Update: Links to the reviews!

7 responses to “So You Think You Can Review

  1. That explains all of Andrew’s tweets on Super Mario Bros.!

  2. I think you reviews are terrible and I hate you, what would your reaction be if somebody actually commented like that?
    Congrats by the way 😀

  3. That is fantastic!!

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