Trailer: Cloud Atlas

I’m not going to say a lot about this, but it’s something I’m keeping an eye on. David Mitchell’s incredible novel, Cloud Atlas, is a book that will change how you think about literature. It’s an incredibly dense and complex construction, following six stories through time and across the globe, held together by strange threads. They mainly serve to examine the ways in which humanity learns and adapts, and the ways in which it doesn’t.

The Wachowski brothers (they’re responsible for The Matrix) have made Cloud Atlas into a movie. A lot of people, myself included, largely believe that this is a near-impossibility, but the cast is impressive, and now there’s a trailer. I am absolutely reserving judgement, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Having trouble embedding, so here’s a link.

Cloud Atlas trailer.

One response to “Trailer: Cloud Atlas

  1. I know nothing about the story, even after watching the trailer, but it certainly does look ambitious.

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