Trailer Game: Answers

So last week, I posted three trailers, along with a challenge to my readers: guess which movie I wanted to see, which one I might want to see, and which one I really didn’t want to see. You can check out that post here. I’d like to say thanks to those who played along…there were few guesses here, and a few on Facebook as well. For the most part, it seems like everyone has me pretty pegged. One of the choices was a bit of a trick question, and I did manage to trip a few people up on that, so I got to have some fun too. Anyway, here are the answers!

1. The Man with the Iron Fists: NO.

This was the tricky one. Yes, it involves Russell Crowe, but everything else about it is pretty much everything I dislike about movies. Generally speaking, anything involving Quentin Tarantino (he produced) is really not my thing, and the violence in the trailer alone is enough to put me off of this one. I suppose I can’t rule it out 100%, but it will have to get awfully good reviews and positive buzz for Mr. Crowe before I will even consider it.

2. Pitch Perfect: MAYBE.

Pros: Anna Kendrick, hints of Bring It On (seriously, it’s a classic), Rebel Wilson being funny, maybe some good dancing, the use of “No Diggity” in the trailer.
Cons: A capella groups. Singing a capella style.

Seriously, I’m a musical snob, and I hate this whole a capella craze. Pop singing is one thing, and pop-style Broadway, nasal, drive-a-stake-through-my-head singing is quite another. Um. I feel strongly about that. Sorry. Still, I think Anna Kendrick is a lot of fun, and this could be cute.

3. Robot and Frank: YES.

Is this Focus Features? I love Focus Features. If it’s not theirs, it should be. Seriously, they had me at “Susan Sarandon as a hot librarian.” Also, I like Frank Langella, but he almost always plays bad guys, so this looks super-fun in terms of him cutting loose a little. If you know me really well, you’re aware that I have a bit of robophobia (they’re going to take over and kill us all, people, watch a movie!) but in this case, the whimsy involved will just be too much for me to resist. I’ll probably Netflix it, but it’s still a definite watch.

Thanks for tuning in, and join me next time I can find three trailers that match up for a game of Yes, No, or Maybe!

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