8 reasons I am not interested in The Dark Knight Rises.

1. Because Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard are both in a Batman movie, and Hathaway is the one playing Catwoman.





2. Because Christopher Nolan should be making original movies instead of comic book rehashes.

3. Because they took Tom Hardy, who looks like this:







and made him look like this.







4. Because I like my super-hero movies fun, and not full of angst-ridden socio-political commentary.

5. Because Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks ridiculous in a policeman’s uniform.







(No wait, just kidding about that one.)

6. Because I thought The Dark Knight sucked.

7. Because of trailers in which you can’t actually understand what the bad guy is saying.

8. Mainly, because I don’t think a Batman movie should take itself so seriously.


3 responses to “8 reasons I am not interested in The Dark Knight Rises.

  1. I don’t really know what to say, other than it’s definitely refreshing to find someone who ISN’T excited to see Nolan’s last Batman film…

  2. *high five* so glad to see another blogger who doesnt fall into the batman hype! Everywhere I go everyone is talking about it…argh getting tired of it.

    I Have different reasons to yours but 100% agree with number 2. I have just said the same thing on my review of The Prestige, I really like Nolan’s unusual movies and hope he will stop his superhero movies already.

    I am not that interested with TDKR because I dont like superhero movies. but different to you, I think tdkr is at least better than the other superhero movies, I like dark movie

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