Trailer: Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is an epic Russian romance, written by Leo Tolstoy. It has, naturally, been adapted for film multiple times, since it has all the earmarks of a great, dramatic, ultimately tragic love story. 2012 will see the latest attempt at bringing Anna to the screen, and now we have a trailer! I have to say that all the names attached are top-notch: Joe Wright (Atonement, 2005’s Pride & Prejudice) has certainly proven himself capable of directing period pieces, and Tom Stoppard (a notable playwright) wrote the screenplay. On the acting side, we have Keira Knightley as Anna, Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) as Vronsky, and Jude Law as Karenin, with a bevy of other notable actors in smaller roles.

On paper, this adaptation ought to be pretty fabulous. Conceptually, it’s a little harder to imagine that anyone can really do this sweeping novel justice, although I admit I haven’t seen any of the previous film versions. Additionally, as much as I do actually like Keira Knightley, I’m not convinced of her as Anna. Obviously she and Mr. Wright have a successful working relationship, but I still don’t think she’s quite right for the role. Can we talk about Jude Law for a minute, though? While he doesn’t do anything for me personally looks-wise (although I admit he’s very nice-looking), I do think he is one of the most consistently underrated actors working today, and judging from the trailer, he is going to rock this movie. Oh right, the trailer. I should let you watch it, huh?

It looks fabulous. It’s captured something intangible about the book…the sort of dreamy quality, the sense that everything is going to come crashing down to earth any second. It’s definitely going to be quite lovely to look at. And to the best of my knowledge (haven’t seen Mr. Johnson in anything) these are all quite good actors, so it probably won’t be a total waste of time. I don’t know why I remain skeptical about it…I think it’s still just Keira. I daresay Kelly McDonald might’ve made a better Anna. But what do you think? Does this look like something you’ll want to see?

5 responses to “Trailer: Anna Karenina

  1. Yes. And I agree about your Law and your Knightley commentary. Consistently under and overrated, respectively.

  2. …looks great. You can see this being the most important role of Knightley’s career.

  3. Not convinced w/ Keira as Anna either, glad I’m not the only one! I do love Aaron Johnson (yes despite that silly mustache) so right now I’m still 50-50 whether I want to see this on the big screen.

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