Exciting bits and bobs

So, I’m not really sure that I have conveyed my serious excitement about the upcoming blockbuster awesomeness that will be The Avengers enough here, but please understand: I am super (ha ha, get it?) excited about The Avengers. And do you really need to ask why? Well, just check out this new clip for the answer. Rather, answers. There are two of them.

Um, squee.

In other exciting news, I am loving the pictures coming out from the Les Miserables shooting as well. I mean, seriously. Look at this one!

That, my friends, is Javert. So. Awesome.

And finally, if you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a live-action film about Maleficent. As in, the fabulous dragon-lady villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. And starring as herself? Angelina Jolie.

Doooood. In early discussion, it was going to be directed by Tim Burton, but he’s no longer attached. That’s no great loss if you ask me. They haven’t started filming yet, but Jolie’s already gone on record talking about it and says she’s very excited. Elle Fanning is also attached to play Princess Aurora. I think it’s a really cool idea with excellent casting … a lot of people like to paint Angelina Jolie as a bit of a villainess anyway so I think it’s great that she’s going to play such an iconic baddie, and as the main character in her own story, too!

Just a few of the movies I’m pumped about these days … How about you? What’s got you jumping to head to the theater?

4 responses to “Exciting bits and bobs

  1. sanclementejedi

    That Avengers clip looks bad ass! I love Tony Stark’s Black Sabbath shirt.
    Have you seen the trailer for that film Ted? It looks pretty funny.

  2. Don’t you think it’s about time to see Hiddleston and Crowe in a movie together? My that would be heavenly 😀

  3. Some exciting bits and bobs for sure!!

    can’t wait for The Avengers too!!

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