Trailers, or, New Girl Crush Alert

Can we talk about Charlize Theron? Let’s. She’s been around for a while, of course, and she won an Oscar in 2004 for Monster. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, obviously, and I am totally in love with her in interviews, where she seems to be incredibly down-to-earth and cool. Also, she’s exactly one day older than me. Clearly, we should be best friends! Yet … I’ve only seen her in three movies, one of which I have practically no memory of (The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. I dug her in Hancock, and she had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role in That Thing You Do!, so she’s had a varied career, for sure.Despite that Oscar win, however, I’d venture to say that she’s still not the most household of names. I expect that to change, thanks in part to last year’s Young Adult (haven’t seen it yet; it’s on the Netflix queue), but mostly due to what is likely to be a major June. Theron will be starring in Snow White & the Huntsman, and in Prometheus, both of which are undoubtedly headed for blockbuster status.

Snow White has been discussed previously on this blog, but you should definitely check out this new trailer in which Theron is even scarier, Kristen Stewart gets a little more action (and some dialogue!) and Hemsworth is, well, still hunky.

As excited as I am about SW&tH, I am super-super stoked about Prometheus, which I am ashamed to admit I have yet to address here. So, Prometheus, if you’ve missed it so far, is a “is it or isn’t it?” prequel to the Alien movies. It’s directed by Ridley Scott, who directed Alien, and the cast is a grand slam of currently hot young talent: joining Charlize Theron are Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, and newly-minted Top Fiver, Michael Fassbender. Have I mentioned I’m excited about this movie? I’m excited about this movie. The irony is that I’ve never seen any of the Alien movies, and I am a complete and utter coward. The newest trailer for Prometheus scares the crap out of me, but I will still do my damndest to find a babysitter and drag my husband (also terrified) to the theater in June.

In thinking about lead actresses who can carry a film in the usually male-centric summer blockbuster realm, I’ll admit that I should’ve been thinking of Charlize Theron sooner. She’s got the build and the chops to be awesome in action roles, and I hope that Prometheus will gain her some more mainstream notoriety. In the mean time, I guess I’ve got some catching up to do … what Theron movies do you recommend?

4 responses to “Trailers, or, New Girl Crush Alert

  1. You mentioned not having seen any of the Alien movies. All of them have been female-led films, even the “vs. Predator” ones, so if Theron or Rapace ends up being the defacto lead in this one, it will not be a surprise.

    As for Theron films to see, Monster is her best performance, of course. I first saw her in 2 Days in the Valley. She and Teri Hatcher get into a fight, a real one. Other than that, she’s part of an ensemble. The Devil’s Advocate is okay. She’s just supporting in that one, too. Same for The Cider House Rules and Men of Honor. The Italian Job was hated by people who loved the original, but this one was a decent heist flick. It also may be the first one I saw where she doesn’t appear nude at some point. (The woman doesn’t have a problem with her body.) Aeon Flux was hated by critics, but I liked it. Theron is the lead in it. The Burning Plain is more interesting for an early appearance by Jennifer Lawrence as the younger version of Theron’s character. By the way, Theron just had an interview where she repeatedly gushed about Fassbender’s penis, so if you haven’t read it, you should check it out.

  2. sanclementejedi

    Shes a solid actress, I am much more interested in checking out Prometheus than I am Snow White.

  3. “Can we talk about Charlize Theron?” Absolutely! LOVE her. The reason I’m stoked about ‘Huntsman’ is because of her, really she made even watching Kristen bearable, ahah. So she’s featured in two major trailers released this week, way cool!!

    She was in ‘That Thing You Do!’?? What?? I love that movie but can’t remember which part she played.

  4. Charlize is a great actress. I enjoy seeing much of her movies. Although, I will admit, I wasn’t a fan of Monster. After watching it, I had to immediately put The Italian Job into my dvd player to fall back in love with her. LOL

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