2011 Wrap-Up

I have been feeling horribly guilty, of late, at the level of neglect I’ve shown blogging in the past month or so. I have had the same movie out from Netflix for nearly 2 months, and just as soon as I manage to watch it, I can write a post I’ve been planning/working on for the entirety of this year. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to close it out before the year ends, but life in general (and December in particular) has been absolutely insanely busy.

I decided today to write a wrap-up of 2011, so I just looked back through my postings, and I do feel a little better. I definitely get a little short on reviews, but I had some fun lists, and I think I branched out in terms of trailers that caught my interest this year. That’s something I’ve noticed about my movie-viewing habits as a whole, actually. At year’s end, most of the movies that are currently being talked about are things I’d really like to see, and have already optimistically been added to my Netflix queue. That’s a pretty big change from my usual mode of only wanting to watch things that featured actors I liked, or were based on a book I’d read, or fit into a few narrow categories. I’m crediting the continued AFI project with broadening my horizons a bit.

Anyway, I wanted to sort of summarize the things that captured my interest this year, so here goes. The year in movies, according to yours truly.

Top Five Movies Seen (not necessarily released in 2011)

Favorite News Items/Trailers

Favorite Posts


Breakout Performer of the Year



I admit to not having seen that many of the films that were released in 2011, but in terms of my own notice of goings-on in the cinematic world, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not bestow this title upon an individual who captured not only my attention, but that of everyone in the movie world this year. I hereby declare Michael Fassbender as the first official Banana Oil Movies Performer of the Year. Despite having appeared in some successful movies prior to 2011, this is the year that’s made Fassbender a star. He appeared in Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, Shame, A Dangerous Method, and Haywire in 2011, and his performance in Shame has already garnered him numerous Best Actor honors, including a Golden Globe nomination. It won’t be a surprise to anyone if he picks up an Oscar nomination early next year. I personally have only managed to see Jane Eyre and X-Men, but I found him to be an absolutely electrifying screen presence, and I am truly looking forward to whatever comes next for this talented (and pretty darn handsome!) guy.

Honorable mentions: Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston

2011 Movies at the Top of my Netflix Queue

With a now-one-year-old around, it’s hard to get out to the movies, but there are plenty that I will be looking forward to seeing from my couch as soon as they’re released on DVD. Stay tuned for reviews!

  • Beginners
  • The Artist
  • Hugo
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • Midnight in Paris

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported me in this endeavor over the past year. Most importantly, my husband and daughter; the former for listening to me babble about movies, and the latter for being a great sleeper so that we did manage to sneak in a fair number of viewings! Special thanks also goes to fellow movie blogger Ruth over at FlixChatter for always encouraging and inspiring me, good friends Emily and Ben for also listening to me babble and for sometimes assisting in post ideas, those friends who allowed me to subject them to A Fish Called Wanda, various other movie bloggers for many kind words of encouragement, and last but not least, to YOU, dear readers. Thanks so much for checking out my blog … I really love writing it, and it’s great to know that there are some who enjoy reading it. Best wishes for the holiday season, and here’s to more movie magic in 2012!


3 responses to “2011 Wrap-Up

  1. Merry Christmas, Sam! Thanks so much for mentioning me, I hope to see you blogging more next year. I wish I could write as effortlessly as you!

    I haven’t done as much review writing as I want to either. I’m curious to hear what you think of The Artist and Tinker Tailor, I hope to write both of those reviews in the next couple of days.

  2. I think we all can relate to the blog-break, so no worries there! We are here to read whenever you post!

    As far as your lists of films are concerned, I like your breakout performers! I think Fassbender is appropriate and i like your honorable mentions. I’d perhaps add Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling!

  3. Thanks, SS! I do loves me some Emma Stone, but I think 2010 counts as her breakout year. You might have a point about Gosling, though I personally am not much interested in him. Def. more into Fassbender. 😉

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