NEWS FLASH: My prayers may have been heard!!

Give me a second … I’m trying to calm down. Ok. So. There’s been talk of a big-screen adaptation of the hit musical Les Miserables floating around for a while, and I’ve mostly been ignoring it in the hopes that it wasn’t true. The reason why is that I love the musical (and the novel on which it’s based), and the stories keep talking about how the film will star Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Now, I understand that they are both singers and blah blah blah. But I really don’t enjoy Jackman, and I don’t think he has the acting chops to take on Valjean, and I think Hathaway is too young (and too big a star) to play Fantine (which is actually a fairly small role). So, I’ve been grumbling about all this news, regardless of the fact that Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) is attached to direct. As a matter of fact, I said to my brother just last week that the only way they would get me interested in the project would be if they had the brilliance (IMO) to cast Russell Crowe as Javert.

YOU GUYS, HE’S IN TALKS. RUSSELL CROWE IS IN TALKS TO PLAY JAVERT, who is one of the best ambiguously villainous characters EVER. Also, if it’s a musical, HE WILL SING. I am so excited I don’t know what to tell you. Seriously, this is the best movie news of the year. And if you know how much I dislike Hugh Jackman, to say that I would automatically be excited about this movie and would see it on opening night is a really huge deal. But back to Crowe: I have long said that he needed to play more villains. Javert is a great character, an increasingly tortured soul, who really requires a focused and nuanced actor who can sink his teeth into the role. I’ve also expressed a desire to see him do a musical, and Javert’s got one of the best songs in the show. Yes, Russell Crowe does sing. In fact, he’s done a bit of stage musical work himself, and has long had a band going. I don’t normally think much of their music, but I do think he’s got an excellent voice, and he can totally do this. PLEASE LET HIM DO THIS.

So yeah. I am hugely excited about this development. But! That’s not all that’s being reported today. Supposedly, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter are also eyeing the project. This is also excellent news. The report I read conjectured that HBC would be playing Madame Thenardier, which I think is a safe assumption, and I would further be willing to bet that Mr. Rush would likely be playing the Master of the House himself.

Did you get that I’m excited about this suddenly? It’s an amazing turn-around. But what about you? Are you a fan of the musical? Do you agree with my casting of Javert? Would you be as excited as I to see this film, even with the inclusion of the Smarminator??

10 responses to “NEWS FLASH: My prayers may have been heard!!

  1. This site has changed? Isn’t that right?

    I saw this news earlier on Twitter. I am really happy for you. I have not ever really been into Musicals but I guess this must be quite a big deal!!

    Thanks for the excited write up!!


    • Thanks for commenting! Yep, I changed the layout/look just a little (I am not a graphic wiz, sadly) because I always meant to change it after I started the blog, and then a year went by …

      I do like musicals, although I prefer the older, classic ones, but Les Mis is a great one, and I am mostly a massive Crowe fan. 🙂

  2. Hey Sam, great new look, nice work with the design. Enjoyed this excited write up, and your regard for the Spaniard himself, who I really admire as an actor. I get why you don’t Hugh Jackman (the smarminator), he’s a drama school version of the ‘rough and ready, learnt it all on the street on the way to a bare knuckle fight’ Crowe. My lil sis will love this news. Thanks for the info Sam.

  3. I heard the news on my friend Castor’s blog and I immediately thought oooh, Sam must be very happy. He was asking if Russie can sing and I was like, what?? The bloke has been in TWO rock bands and has recorded some albums, so yeah HE CAN SING. I love his gruff, throaty voice. He will do GREAT and I’m now anticipating this. I’m not into Hugh either, I mean he’s good looking and a great showman, but I dunno, he just doesn’t do it for me.

  4. MADE. MY. WEEK. Seriously. 😀

  5. Yea I really don’t think Hugh Jackman is right for the role of Jean Valjean at all. I also thought Anne Hathaway was rumored for the role of Cosette (grown up) but I’m glad that it would be a smaller role as Fantine. Looking forward to who they cast as Cosette and Marius.

  6. I’m excited about the possibility of HBC and Geoffrey Rush working together again! Do you think that Rush would really reprise his role as Javert which he did in 1998? That’ll be interesting.

  7. i’m reminded of my intense excitement when i learned that clint eastwood and lee marvin had both signed up for Paint Your Wagon.

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