In Celebration: 6 favorite Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz films

I am not very often surprised by celebrity news, probably because it is actually difficult for people always in the public eye to pull off anything off the radar. However, two of my favorite actors have managed just that. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, after a fairly quiet period of dating, reportedly got married last week in NYC. So, congrats to them! Here are some of my favorite movies of theirs. I realize that I’m behind the ball with them and should probably add some movies to my Netflix queue, but this list is a fun mix of high and low, I think, and I’d recommend anything here.

The Brothers Bloom (Weisz): If you are a fan of quirky, weird little ensemble pieces, this is absolutely the movie for you. The cast is awesome: Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, and Rinko Kikuchi; and the story, about two con-men brothers who decide to run a scam on a eccentric, wealthy young woman is full of everything: humor, romance, action, and poignancy. Seriously, check it out. In a neat bit of trivia, I just realized that all four leads have at least been nominated for an Oscar, with Brody and Weisz both having a win. Cool, huh?

Casino Royale (Craig): Casino Royale is, in my opinion, one of the best Bond films to date (and yes, I’ve seen them all). Daniel Craig silenced all the naysayers with his sensitive, thuggish, and truly human portrayal of the super-spy, and the action and story were also first-rate. If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out.

Definitely, Maybe (Weisz): Seriously cute movie. Please see my capsule review here.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Craig): Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you. I said “favorite” films, not “best” films, though, didn’t I? And I love this one. Angelina Jolie rocks it as an action star, and it’s just a fun, blockbustery, popcorn movie. And there’s Daniel Craig as the hunky opposition. Win!

The Mummy (Weisz): I realized, in doing IMDb checks for this post, that this was actually Weisz’s breakout role. It’s also a popcorn flick, and one of my absolute favorites. I haven’t gotten around to a proper post yet, but I’m a big Brendan Fraser fan. Anyway, The Mummy is the best of the series, if you haven’t seen it. Good action, fun plot and characters, a lot of great humor, and Weisz delivers one of my all-time favorite lines. If you’ve seen it, you know which one I mean.

Munich (Craig): Yes, I had to get serious at the end, here. Munich is an absolutely incredible film. Directed by Spielberg, it’s based on the real story of five men selected by the Israeli government to eliminate members of the Black September terrorist group, who were responsible for the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. The cast is outstanding; in addition to Craig, there’s Eric Bana, Ciaran Hinds, and Geoffrey Rush. It’s riveting from beginning to end, and was nominated for several Oscars, although it didn’t win any.It’s a very sobering film, but well worth the watch. This is Bana’s show through and through, but it’s also ample proof that Craig has real acting chops.

What about you? Any favorites I left off?

5 responses to “In Celebration: 6 favorite Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz films

  1. Daniel Craig was also in a Brit gangster flick called ‘Layer Cake’ that was pretty good. Not a bunch of Guy Ritchie nonsense, and concentrates more on acting than scenery-chewing. Some people thought it was a bit slow but I liked it a lot.
    Rachel Weisz was in The Constant Gardner. I don’t remember her role in it but I remember it was a decent thriller.

    • I enjoyed Layer Cake, but it wasn’t a favorite. I think I have to be in the right mood for that kind of movie. Haven’t seen The Constant Gardener, as it looked too “drama-y” for me. Weisz won an Academy Award for that one, though, so maybe I ought to see it, eh?

  2. Road to Perdition with Daniel Craig, and maybe The Fountain with Rachel Weisz!

    • I admit I haven’t seen either of those. I know lots of folks like Road to Perdition, and I actually had it on my coffee table at one point, and just couldn’t get into the mood to watch it. Sometimes I can’t deal with gangster movies. Is it really violent? Should I give it another shot?

  3. Glad you have The Mummy and Casino Royale, my favorites from both of them. But yeah, I was flabbergasted when I heard the news as I thought the whole dating thing was just a rumor. Oh well, good for them. I wonder if now she’ll be cast as a Bond girl? 😀

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