Trailer: Neverland

I could go on a rant about how the Pan story has been done to death, but instead, I’m just going to say the following. Rhys Ifans as “Jimmy” Hook, and Bob Hoskins reprising his role as Smee. Oh, and Anna Friel as a lady pirate. Dude. I’m in.

2 responses to “Trailer: Neverland

  1. I think we all just have to come to terms with the fact that the days when Hollywood made movies because they had an original story to tell or an important message to communicate are well and truly dead. Not entirely lost but pretty much dead none the less. With this in mind I think we should just try to enjoy what they give us as they are and, though it grieves me to say it, lower our expectations a bit. Though I always hope to be surprised.

  2. Why so serious, Ronan? 😉 It looks awesome!

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