Trailer: Midnight in Paris

At first, all I knew about Midnight in Paris is that it was a new Woody Allen movie, and it starred Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. I’m not big on Allen, and Owen Wilson is merely ok. I like McAdams, but not really enough to make this a must-see. But then, I read Brian Prisco’s review over at Pajiba, and now I’m interested. Owen Wilson plays a struggling writer who goes to Paris with his fiance (McAdams) and her parents. While wandering the streets at night, he apparently time-travels back to Paris in the 1920s, in its literary heyday. Suddenly he’s mingling with Gertrude Stein (Kathy Bates), Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody), Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston), and a mysterious muse named Adriana (Marion Cotillard).

…Now that sounds like an interesting movie. As my husband put it, “That sounds like a lot of people you like.” I would probably watch this just for Cotillard, but we saw Thor last week, and I’m currently very interested in Tom Hiddleston as well. And Adrien Brody is always excellent in smaller, weird roles/movies. Anyway, here’s the trailer. It doesn’t really give you a clear picture of what’s going on, and so perhaps doesn’t sell the story quite as well as it might. What do you think? Worth a watch?

7 responses to “Trailer: Midnight in Paris

  1. I’m not big on Woody nor Owen but somehow this trailer intrigued me. I also love the Parisian setting. I won’t go to the theater to see it though, but definitely a rent.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard about this movie and it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t really get Woody Allen though. Maybe I am just not intellectual enough for his movies, but I simply can’t get his sense of humour.
    Paris looks lovely though! it’s no1 on our ‘places to visit’ list 🙂

  3. See it. Great, funny, smart comedy. Everyone is praising it as Woody Allen’s best in quite some time.

  4. ‘Woody Allen’s best film in a while’ should be enough to sell me on this but I’m not buying. I lost interest in Allen a few years ago after I got over Annie Hall. I won’t be see this in the theatre. I saw a lovely poster for it though on Castor’s blog.

  5. Just saw it and really enjoyed it. It doesn’t have a point, exactly, but it’s a highly diverting bit of escapism and a charming love letter to Paris. If, like me, you miss the 1920s terribly, you’ll probably like it.

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