My cinematic alphabet


(The) Breakfast Club



 Ever After

 (A) Fish Called Wanda

Gosford Park


Iron Man

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

Kiss Me, Kate

Lady & the Tramp

Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World

Nightmare Before Christmas

On the Town

(The) Philadelphia Story

(The) Quick and the Dead

Runaway Bride

Singin’ in the Rain

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Up in the Air




Young Frankenstein



7 responses to “My cinematic alphabet

  1. Nice to see The Quick and The Dead! 🙂 I need to put the finishing touch on my Cinematic Alphabet.

  2. Oh my… I actually lingered on Q… [sigh] Russell made such a handsome cowboy! Ever After is one of my guilty pleasures… Dougray Scott as Prince Henry is sooo swoon worthy. Great list, Sam!

  3. There are only so many Q movies out there … good thing one of them stars Russell Crowe looking his very, very best. 😉 I was actually looking for a less “Oh, look at the pretty” picture,but I never found a good one. Honest!

  4. Btw I LOVE that photo of Alan Rickman w/ angelic wings! Though I don’t think I’m interested in seeing the movie.

  5. Dogma looks really interesting…the picture of all,in my opinion

  6. Sooo pleased to see Journey To The Centre Of The Earth make a list, I love that film, it is so old-school, did not expect that to come up. The Queen is my Q, it was a simple decision for me, couldn;t think of anything else. You’ve got some real classics on here Sam. Gosford Park is classy and very stylish, always enjoy wathcing that, like a good period murder mystery.

    • Thanks! I love classics and musicals, as you can probably tell. I haven’t seen The Queen yet … should probably get on that. Gosford Park is one of my very favorite movies. 😀

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