Musical Moment

For some weird reason, this was stuck in my head this morning. Perhaps I just needed a little pick me up. What’s funny is that I remember it from having sung a choral arrangement in college, and thought it was an actual spiritual. When I looked it up, I realized that it’s actually by Gershwin, and is from the musical Funny Face, which I saw a few years ago. It’s kind of a weird musical starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, but this is the best scene. In it, Astaire and Kay Thompson are members of the fashion industry, posing as beatnik entertainers in order to win back their star model (Hepburn) who is being influenced away by a sleazy anarchist.

Anyway, winter’s hanging on (snow today? really??) has me kind of blue, and maybe you too … so Clap Yo’ Hands!

The musical: Funny Face (1957)
The song: Clap Yo’ Hands

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