Trailer: Beginners

This year, I have decided that I’m going to pay more attention to upcoming movies. I usually just keep track of people I like, and as a result I don’t see much in theater, and I sometimes miss the boat on great stuff. Plus, I end up playing catch-up during award season when I think “Oh, I guess I should probably see that then, huh?”.

As such, I have a trailer for you! Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer is pretty exciting, right? And Christopher Plummer playing gay! Add to that a cute dog, and what looks like, from the trailer at least, some pretty serious whimsy, and I’m totally sold. I realized the other day (watching The Kids are All Right) that Focus Features makes some pretty awesome stuff. This definitely feels like the same kind of movie to me, just something small and intimate, also like Away We Go (also Focus) or Up in the Air, or The Brothers Bloom. So anyway, check it out. Does it look like something you’ll want to go see?


One response to “Trailer: Beginners

  1. probably the best trailer we’ve seen this year, very charming and sounds like a film with some heart.

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