How’d I do?

The Golden Globes are almost over. Shall we take a look at my predictions? Let’s!

Best Motion Picture – Drama
My prediction: The Social Network
Winner: The Social Network

Best Actress – Drama
My prediction: Natalie Portman
Winner: Natalie Portman

Best Actor – Drama
My prediction: Colin Firth
Winner: Colin Firth

Best Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical
My prediction: The Kids are All Right
Winner: The Kids are All Right

Best Actress – Comedy/Musical
My prediction: Annette Bening
Winner: Annette Bening

Best Actor – Comedy/Musical
My prediction: Johnny Depp
Winner: Paul Giamatti (Woot.)

Best Animated Feature Film
My prediction: Toy Story 3
Winner: Toy Story 3

Best Foreign Language Film
My prediction: Biutiful
Winner: In a Better World

Best Actress – Supporting
My prediction: Melissa Leo
Winner: Melissa Leo

Best Actor – Supporting
My prediction: Christian Bale
Winner: Christian Bale

Best Director
My prediction: David Fincher
Winner: David Fincher

Best Screenplay
My prediction: Lisa Cholodenko, Stuart Blumberg
Winner: Aaron Sorkin

So nine out of twelve categories. Not bad, eh? Now I guess I need to see some of these movies. The Kids are All Right is at the top of my Netflix queue, and I just added The Social Network … might need to find a babysitter so we can go see The King’s Speech.

Stay tuned for Oscar predictions! (Hint: they probably won’t look too different.)


One response to “How’d I do?

  1. The Golden Globes nominations may have been bad, but the winners are always good. However, it’s kind of a bummer since it seems like The Social Network is just going to take over the wins.

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