Trailer: The Other Woman

I’ve been hearing about this movie for a little while, because Natalie Portman is the current hottness. Since I’m not a fan, per se (she’s fine), and nobody else has been mentioned in conjunction with this movie, I haven’t paid any attention. But then, this morning, my husband provided me with a very important wake-up call.

“Did you know that Scott Cohen has a new movie coming out?”

He does? Like, a real movie? (I was thinking some random indie thing.)

“Yeah, it’s got Natalie Portman in it.”


“Yeah, it’s called The Other Woman.”

You guys, Scott Cohen is starring in a movie. With Natalie Portman. So, like, a movie that people will actually SEE. He’s a major character. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME.

Ok, ok, ok. Yes, I realize I’m going overboard with the caps. And most of you are scratching your heads, since you probably don’t know who Scott Cohen is. My explanation will be sadly dorky. But you knew that about me already.

You see, there’s this ridiculous and wonderful made-for-tv 10 hour miniseries thing called The 10th Kingdom, which is a big jumble of fairy tale madness. It stars Kimberly Williams, John Laroquette, and Dianne Wiest, and I love it very much. I own it on DVD. My brother and I used to try to have 10K parties. For serious. At any rate, it also stars Scott Cohen, and he’s charming and funny and really sexy. For any of you who may have watched Gilmore Girls, he is possibly best-known as Max Medina, Rory’s Chilton English teacher who ends up briefly engaged to Lorelei, I think in Season 1. He was also (not looking his best) on an episode of Castle this season.

Anyway. Do you see why I’m all excited now? He’s just some random actor, for the most part, but one that I like. And now, there he is, cleaned up and once again looking his best, starring in a movie. And not just a movie, but a movie starring a true A-lister, one whose name is currently on everyone’s lips. THIS IS EXCITING FOR ME, PEOPLE. So, I’m posting the trailer.

Ok, ok, so the movie looks like it’s been slightly ripped off from Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. Still, it looks ok. I probably wouldn’t see it in the theater. Despite the fact that I actually really like Lisa Kudrow, and think that she is a perennially underrated actress. It’s a wait for Netflix, I think. Mostly, I’m just excited that this seems to me to be a pretty big break for an actor I enjoy. Yaaaay, Mr. Cohen.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled activity of doing something that you actually care about. Carry on.


3 responses to “Trailer: The Other Woman

  1. I gotta admit I’ve never heard of him, but he looks familiar. Was he in a car commercial before?? Anyway, Portman is indeed uber hot because of Black Swan but her movie choices of late leaves me scratching my head, especially No Strings Attached, I mean, come on! But hey, I sympathize that you’re excited about this because of some obscure actor. Reminds me of the old days when no one had no idea who Gerry Butler was 🙂

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