Monday morning rallying cry

Apparently, there’s a Twitter campaign afoot to ask 20th Century Fox for a Master & Commander sequel. I am for it. I will direct your attention over to Cinemablend for the story, and ask that if you have Twitter, you a. Follow me, and b. Join the campaign!

Obviously, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should get on that, too. 😉 I’ve been thinking lately about how Paul Bettany needs to get back to doing better roles, and a well-made sequel to M&C would be just the thing, both for him and for Mr. Crowe, who’s sadly on a bit of a downturn at the moment.

…I look at the picture Cinemablend has posted, and I swoon a bit. Think I might know what I’ll be doing today …

2 responses to “Monday morning rallying cry

  1. Y’know I normally hate sequels but this is one I’d love to see. It’d be great if Russell and Peter Weir will be back on the project, too, I just hope the studio won’t even think of making a sequel without those two! And yeah, I swooned seeing that picture, too 😀

  2. I’m not really big on the sequels either (and neither has Crowe been, in the past) but this one lends itself so naturally (as the Cinemablend article points out) and the first one was just SO well-done, yet overshadowed, that if they could get the main players all back, it would be so great to see it all again …

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