Weekend viewing

We are starting to get into baby-prep overdrive, and movies are falling by the wayside. Still, we have our two Netflix options at home (De-Lovely and Brazil, random, right?) so there’s the off chance that something will get watched this weekend.

Opening yesterday in theaters was Morning Glory (Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton) which I actually kind of want to see, but probably won’t until it’s on the Flix. I guess I need to save up my theater-going experiences for now, and next week is the potentially massive one-two of HP: DH pt. I and The Next Three Days, which is Russell Crowe’s newest release.

I am still somewhat on the fence about that one, mostly due to an extremely lackluster trailer and my general fears of disliking my beloved Mr. Crowe’s offerings. I’m waiting on reviews, and even then it is unlikely that I will make it to the theater twice in one weekend at this point. However, in order to do my part for Rusty, I would like to point your attention over to FlixChatter. Ruth was fortunate enough to obtain screening tickets to see TNTD, and she (and I) would like you all to know that you shouldn’t judge it based on the trailers. Please, go check out her review! And while you’re there, encourage her to watch Master & Commander this weekend. *wink*

So? Any viewing plans for you this weekend? Hope you enjoy!

4 responses to “Weekend viewing

  1. Man I am such a lousy person… for some reason I didn’t realize you are preggers! Sorry it’s so late but CONGRATS!!! Were you already expecting when I met you earlier this year?? In any case, have fun prepping for your upcoming bundle of joy.

    Thanks for the shout out… and yes, I’m gonna try to see M&C this weekend. We might be grounded in our first snowfall anyways, so we’ll be curled up in our couch watching some Blu-ray 😀

    Have a nice weekend Sam!

    • LOL That’s ok. Hard to catch every single tweet sometimes! I was about 4 months on when we met up, but we hadn’t informed anyone yet at that point. Thanks! We’re excited/nervous … should be fun, even if it’s going to cramp my movie-going style for a little while. 🙂 Hope you guys stay snug inside this weekend!!

      • Oh boy, so you must be REALLY close to the due date then? Yeah, you might not be able to watch movies as often but I’m sure you’ll have so many other joyful moments of being a mom. I don’t know when my hubby and I start a family but when the moment comes, we’ll cherish it.

        Hey guess what, we did see M&C last night. Now I see why you LOVE it… man, Russie as Jack Aubrey is phenomenal!!

      • Yep, about 3 weeks. Re: M&C YAAAAAAAAY. Can’t wait to hear more!! It’s seriously one of his best, I think.

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