Hot Patootie, indeed!

I don’t expect everyone (ok, much of anyone else, really) to know this, but long before he started making Oscar-winning films, Russell Crowe did some stage work down there in Oz. And one of the things that he did was feature, for a while, in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think that it was actually a musical production of the show, rather than the “staged alongside the film” versions that are popular these days. Now, I’ve known about this for a while, but just today, I came across video. And guys? You gotta see this. The quality is not great, of course, but Mr. Crowe is unmistakable, first as Eddie, and then as Dr.Scott. Hot hot HOT, not to mention FUNNY and, well, just awesome.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, when RHCPers come out to play, I give you … Russell Crowe, the early years. I suppose it might not be entirely SFW, since there are people running about in underwear. Consider yourself warned.


3 responses to “Hot Patootie, indeed!

  1. ^_^ Yay. He’s one of us.
    Danke, m’dear. You made my day.

  2. Oh this is a rare commodity indeed, I heard about him doing this project but never seen it. Hot patootie indeed 🙂

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