Shakespeare in Movies: An introduction

I’ve been meaning to start posting on this topic for a while, but it’s so huge and daunting that I have been afraid to begin. To repeat that notion another way, a major caveat. Shakespeare in film is a massive subject, one that is no doubt covered in numerous books and college classes and so forth. I am merely a humble movie blogger with very little in the way of credentials. I’ve got a BA in English and I like Shakespeare and movies. This is all to say that I am by no means an expert, and what you are going to read (hopefully) is merely my (only slightly-informed) opinion.

Having said that, my discussion on Shakespeare is going to happen in three segments of posts: tragedies, histories, and comedies. In each post I will focus on one of three examples of each (maybe, histories are hard to come by). These examples are going to fall under the category of “major motion picture” because it would just be too overwhelming to try and sort through the mountains of various staged productions filmed for television and so forth. These three movies will be things that I’ve seen and thought were good in their treatment. Knowing me, I’ll probably mention others if I feel like it. I’ll try to discuss why I think the adaptation is a good one, and how it addresses the themes of the work.

Hopefully, this won’t make you feel like you’re back in English class (unless you enjoy that sort of thing), but will maybe heighten your interest, either in the movies or the plays, or both! Shakespeare is still around for a reason, and I am always excited to pass my excitement on to someone new.

And so … read on!


One response to “Shakespeare in Movies: An introduction

  1. It is daunting but you’re the right person for the job, Sam. I’m ashamed to say I’m not well-versed in his stuff other than the obviously popular ones like Romeo & Juliet. So, looking forward to learning a thing or two from your Shakespeare posts!

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