News: Hope for Batman 3 yet?

It’s being reported (check IMDb or Pajiba) that Tom Hardy is signed on to play an undetermined “lead role” in the next installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. This, to me at least, is seriously good news. If you are unfamiliar with Tom Hardy, I recommend catching Inception and/or Rocknrolla at your earliest convenience. He’s a scene-stealer, for sure. And the best part? He’d make a terrible Riddler. Or Penguin. Or … any of those other Batman villians that have already been done to death. Yes, we’re leaping to assumptions here, but if he’s really been cast in a “lead role,” I mean, there aren’t that many other leads in Batman besides the Caped Crusader himself (still Christian Bale) and the baddie, right? So, fingers crossed. Some are speculating that he will be playing “Killer Croc”, who sounds kind of awesome, even if we don’t get to check out Hardy’s handsome mug. I’m just really over the same old villains … those of you who’ve been frequenting this blog for a while probably remember well my rants regarding The Dark Knight and the rumors of Jo-Go as Riddler.

So, yay. Hope (for me) for the Batman franchise springs anew. Fingers crossed!

PS: In other super-villain news, it appears that Rhys Ifans will be playing The Lizard in the Spiderman reboot. Two new, interesting villains in one day? Be still my heart. Although, I am annoyed because I had recently decided that Ifans was going to my villain in a movie that I am making up (that maybe I’ll tell you about someday), but I don’t want to use him now, so I guess I have to come up w/someone else. Sigh.


2 responses to “News: Hope for Batman 3 yet?

  1. But he’d make a fantastic Mr. Freeze… :p

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