Trailer: The Tourist

This is the second trailer for The Tourist, a spy-thriller romp starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. “Ooh,” you think, “two very pretty, fairly talented actors! How exciting!” “Hmm,” I think. “Angie’s fine, but why do we need Depp specifically for this role (for which he seems slightly ill-suited), besides the fact that fans will be excited by the Jolie-Depp pairing and show up in theaters.”

The first trailer was, in my opinion, absolutely terrible. Seriously, I don’t buy Johnny Depp in this movie. I do sort of get what they’re trying to do – undoubtedly the bumbling, lost character at the beginning of the film will morph into someone dashing and debonair by the end. But it seems to me that it’d be more convincing to find a good actor who fits Frank v.1 and have them morph into Frank 2.0 than vice-versa. Additionally, he was supposed to be funny, it seemed, and I don’t think funny right off, mainly because his primary means of delivery involves, quite often, mumbling. Jolie is simply doing what she does best, and I wish that we got more of Paul Bettany. In this, the second trailer, though, Depp comes off much better. They seem to have cut out some of the mumbling. I am still not entirely convinced, but I’m slightly more interested now. This could also be because I read somewhere that Bettany’s character is an investigator/whatever who has been studying/tailing/etc. Jolie for so long that he has fallen in love with her. Something about that seems interesting to me; not that I think it will be played particularly well since this looks mostly action-y, and obviously with Johnny Depp on the screen, she’s not going to end up with Paul Bettany, even though I sure as hell would. Anyway. Here you go. Bonus points for the use of Muse.


6 responses to “Trailer: The Tourist

  1. MAJOR MEH! You would like to see more of Bettany and I would love to see even a glimpse of either Rufus Sewell or Timothy Dalton, and neither are even visible in the trailer!! I don’t know if I’ll be seeing this one if they’re still not there in the 3rd trailer. As for Depp, I don’t have as much a problem with him as you, but I totally don’t mind having someone less famous than him that fit the role better. Btw, have you seen the poster? It’s so gratuitous it makes me sick!

  2. This might sounds silly, but my friend asks me to watch this movie simply because the soundtrack is by Muse, and we both love Muse.

    Let’s just hope it’ll be something good. At least I can look at Bettany if the movie turns out to be bad.

    • There are worse reasons to watch a movie, probably. Keep in mind, though, that the music for the trailer is not always the music that actually ends up in the movie. There are people working in LA who do nothing but write those epic-sounding little 30 second clips that are unmistakably “trailer music” that never show up in actual films. Seriously. I have recorded such music myself.

  3. Yeah that’ll be bummer…selling a movie by tricking people with trailer music. But it’s okay, I want to see it anyway for another reason. I didn’t watch Twilight eventho the soundtrack is Muse 😉 There are still other reasons but Muse.

  4. Paul Bettany > Johnny Depp in so, so many ways. This may or may not make it onto my list of movies I’d like to see; I think I’ll use someone else as a guinea pig before I see it myself. *cough*hint*cough* :p

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