The best (and sometimes worst) of what’s around: Weekend edition.

For today’s Friday post, I’m going to try something different. Part of what I wanted to do with this movie blog was read more reviews, and that’s something that I haven’t really done a lot of. I have my favorites, and I like to read reviews of things I’m interested in, or, conversely, things that get really bad reviews (because those are funny). However, those habits don’t necessarily make for interesting reading. And so, an idea. Inspired in part by RTM’s “Everybody’s Chattin” posts, but hopefully different enough to not make me totally lame, here’s what I propose.

Because there are lots of movies that come out that I have zero interest in seeing, I often don’t have a lot to say about them. So, on Fridays, instead of merely pointing out what is available, I’m going to pick a few reviews, and post them here for you! They might be good, they might be bad. I like reading reviews usually on their own merit: it’s very seldom that I allow one determine my preferences for me, and usually only if I’m already leaning towards seeing something and one of my favorite reviewers also has really good things to say about it.

Today will be a trial run. Please tell me if you think it’s an interesting idea or not!

So. What’s opening this weekend? Well…

  • Kenneth Turan (LA Times) reviews Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
  • Roger Ebert reviews You Again. (Side note: I recommend checking on Pajiba later today for what will be, no doubt, a gloves-off, hilarious, and probably foul-mouthed review of this movie, which sadly looks awful. Also, is anyone else totally over Betty White?)
  • Speaking of Pajiba, TK has good things to say about Buried.
  • And finally, Stephen Holden (NY Times) looks at Waiting for Superman, which may be the only one of these I might be interested in seeing at some point.

Any of these float your boat? I will probably not be watching anything this weekend, as we have some non-movie-viewing activities planned, but I do have Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day waiting at home (Mark Strong!) so I’ll get to that eventually…happy weekend, all!


One response to “The best (and sometimes worst) of what’s around: Weekend edition.

  1. Good idea, Sam, I just haven’t got a chance to read ’em as this week TCFF opens. In fact, tonight I’m volunteering at the Waiting for Superman premiere. Hopefully I get a chance to ask Davis Guggenheim a question 🙂

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