Some thoughts for a weekend

TGIF, folks! Here are things of import at Banana Oil Movies HQ on a rainy Friday morning.

1. New trailer for Due Date. Sigh. Words cannot express how absolutely hot I think RDJ appears to be here … but nor can they express the extent to which I have no desire to watch this movie. I have yet to laugh at either of the trailers (I blame my distaste of the “current brand of humor”), and, well, I didn’t enjoy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles the first time, so why should I watch it again? Searing hotness or no searing hotness.

2. File under WTF? News: Russell Crowe is supposedly going to be starring [?] in The Man with the Iron Fist, a kung fu film not based on the comic of the same name, to be directed by RZA from the Wu Tang Clan, who will also have a starring role. Ummm…kay? I can only guess that Crowe is trying to appeal to a broader fanbase, and/or doing a mate (RZA was apparently in both American Gangster and the upcoming The Next Three Days) a solid. All that’s being said about Crowe’s role in the film is that he will be “the baddest man ever”. In thinking about this, maybe he will be making another foray into villainhood? That would have the potential to make me extremely happy, as I think he’s a marvelous bad guy. Except for that whole kung fu thing. Or something. I don’t know. V. confused by this whole story.

3. Some decent-looking fare is hitting theaters this weekend: Affleck’s The Town (gritty, Boston-based ensemble drama), Never Let Me Go (Mulligan, Knightley, and Garfield as doomed [?] young people in a dystopian world), and Easy A (The Scarlet Letter gets the Clueless treatment). My pick? Easy A. Might not necessarily go see it, as I am still waffling. It’s getting middling reviews, but it’s got Stanley Tucci! And Lisa Kudrow! And Stanley Tucci! Other than that, I just sent back a Netflix offering today, so probably won’t get to anything else over the weekend. Might catch up on some *gasp* reading instead. Will you be seeing any of the new releases? Happy viewing!


One response to “Some thoughts for a weekend

  1. My sentiment exactly on #1. Sorry but I just don’t know what the fuss is about that Zach whatshisname. I haven’t seen The Hangover but he can’t be THAT memorable, sheesh! But RDJ does look sooo sexy, that dude has the best hair ever, doesn’t he?

    Don’t know what to make of that Iron Fist movie either. Come on Russie, what’s up with you man? I’m not at all excited about The next three days either.

    The reviews for The Town is really good, Affleck really is a better director than he is an actor. I really want to see Never Let Me go, but not available yet here, bummer! Tonight I’m gonna rewatch V for Vendetta again, probably the only movie I’ll end up watching. Some movie blogger I am, huh? 🙂

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