Excuses, excuses

My apologies for not having posted much yet this week. You see, I’ve sort of backed myself into a corner in terms of things to write about. However, I will give you a heads-up about what to expect very soon. I keep alluding to “viewing projects,” right? That’s sort of what’s keeping me from posting…lately I’ve been trying to finish some up, and so I want to wait to post about them until I’m through. Or something like that. Anyway. The biggest one that my better half and I have been working on (for far too long) is the viewing of the American Film Institute’s 100 Best American Movies (of the last 100 years), 1998 list. NO, we are not close to finished. However, I do expect #50 in my mailbox today. So that’s what I’ve been waiting for. I plan on writing up the “first half” as soon as we’ve watched 100-50. So that will hopefully be really soon. Maybe over the weekend.

Also, we seem to be in that sort of no-man’s land where there’s very little interesting movie news and very few interesting movies (to me, at least) being released, but don’t worry. Once the Oscar bait starts rolling in and award season gets to cooking, I’m sure I’ll have more to say, if not more time in which to say it.

Hope you’ll stick with me-I’m really excited about revisiting our AFI journey so far!


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