Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Ah, what better way to not work than by watching a movie? It looks to me as though there are some decent choices arriving at your local movie theater this weekend…not, of course, that I’ll be going out to watch any of them. I’m terribly picky about what I see actually “at the movies”. It has to be either something I am really, really dying to see, or something that I feel it is necessary to see on the big screen (action, etc.). However, I think that The American and Going the Distance are both definite “Wait for Netflix” options. Particularly Going the Distance, since I love a good rom-com and Drew Barrymore. Plus, A.O. Scott gave it a good review! That’s generally important, but not a deal breaker, IMO.

But no, I will not be headed to the movies this weekend. However, I do have fun things at home: The Philadelphia Story (which I have been looking forward to for YEARS) and License to Kill (the second Dalton-as-Bond outing). It remains to be seen if we will fit both of those in, but I’ll let you know. I apologize for the lack of reviews lately-been watching a lot of movies attached to “projects” and so I don’t want to review them, since they will be discussed (soon, I promise) as part of a larger picture.

Happy weekend! Hope you see something fun, have a relaxing and safe weekend, and get to sleep in on Monday!


2 responses to “Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. So how’s Licence to Kill Sam? That’s my fave Bond goes rogue flick 😀 I finally saw Expendables. Boy oh boy that was atrocious n my expectation was already low. I just saw Purple Rose of Cairo n that was delightful.

    Btw I’d love to hear what u think about my fantasy pitch. Pls comment when u hv time ok? 🙂

  2. License to Kill was kind of a mish-mash, I thought. I do still think that Dalton is more enjoyable as Bond than some of his predecessors, in the sense of his two movies being more “realistic” and less ridiculous than some. That said, this one definitely had some ridiculousness. We were also surprised by the amount of violence and the body-count. I have one more Bond film, and then I’ve seen ’em all!

    I was sad to hear you were disappointed w/The Expendables, since you were looking forward to it! Not my cuppa at all, but still.

    I ought to watch more Woody Allen…

    Will take a look at fantasy pitch! You know with that cast I’m already there. 😉

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