Weekend viewing plans?

What’s on your movie-viewing agenda this weekend? Three big openers are up for the top of the box office: Stallone’s Expendables, comic-book extravaganza Scott Pilgrim, and the chick-lit blockbuster Eat, Pray, Love. Which one do you plan to go see? My husband is a big Scott Pilgrim fan, so he’s been excited about the movie for simply ages, but I am less enthusiastic. I find myself somewhat inexplicably drawn to Eat, Pray, Love…maybe I’m just at a particularly “girly” point in my life. All the factors add up, more or less: I love Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem = swoon, but that wouldn’t always get me into the theater. There’s something about the idea of sitting in a cool dark place for a couple of hours, watching pretty people visit pretty places and eat awesome food that just sounds really nice. I dunno. We’ll see what I go with. I do sort of want to see Scott Pilgrim as well, just to maintain my geek cred.

On the home viewing front, Kate Beckinsale’s Emma ships from Netflix today! I’m quite the Jane Austen fan and enjoy watching adaptations, but this one is all about Mark Strong. You should check out my guest post over at Flixchatter (which you should be reading anyway) about this talented character actor … I’m stoked about Emma, because he’s playing A. the romantic lead and B. Not a bad guy!!

Enjoy the weekend … whatever it involves!


2 responses to “Weekend viewing plans?

  1. Yes people, check out Sam’s wonderful post! 🙂

    My weekend post is coming up later today, I’m going the opposite as you, don’t mind Julia but the movie is one giant meh for me.


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