NYT 1,000 Best Movies

I just found this list, of the New York Times’ “1,000 Best Movies Ever Made”, and I thought it was pretty interesting, so you should check it out! By my count, I’ve seen 143, with a whole slew of others in the old Netflix queue, so maybe I’ll have to revisit in another couple of years or something. Perhaps a new movie-viewing project? We shall see…

(I also feel the need to point out that there are two Russell Crowe movies on that list, although probably not the two you might think. Hee!)

How do you match up?

2 responses to “NYT 1,000 Best Movies

  1. I’ll check it out and see how I stack up 🙂

  2. Thanks for the list. I’ve bookmarked it.

    It took a while to go through it. You could see where it was a little out of date and also where they were trying to make some “cool” picks so it wouldn’t come across too stuffy. You would think with 1,000 choices they could have come up with more foreign films and expecially more silent films than they did.

    Since you asked, I’ve seen 449 of the movies, so not even half of them

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