News flash! Awesome talent “recognized”!!

Ok, so I am interrupting your weekend with this largely unsurprising, but very important and welcome piece of news. Emma Thompson has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!! I don’t talk about her a lot, but I absolutely, positively, 100% love, adore, and worship Emma Thompson. She is brilliant and beautiful and talented beyond measure, and she is my number one “If you could meet any person in the world, who would it be?” person. Someday I will write a proper post about her, but seriously. Just … go to Youtube sometime and look up Emma Thompson and watch some of her award acceptance speeches, or her interviews on TV talk shows. She is wonderful. Gush, gush, squee, ad nauseum. Ok, I’m done now.

No wait, I’m not! I just want to quote a bit of that article, because it proves how awesome Emma Thompson is.
“Thompson’s star is in front of the Pig ‘n Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard, which the British thesp called “appropriate.” “It’s the last thing you step on before you get your first drink and the last thing you step on when you reel out,” she joked.”

Love love love love LOVE.

Update: See? AWESOME.
(Image borrowed from the fabulous Go Fug Yourself.)


2 responses to “News flash! Awesome talent “recognized”!!

  1. It’s about darn time!!! Hooray for Emma, love that pic of her, ha..ha..!

  2. YES! Good for Hollywood! And that is a fantastic picture. :p

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