Trailer: Burlesque

Alright. I will admit to having been kind of excited by the prospect of this movie. The cast seemed interesting – I do think that Christina Aguilera is an awfully good singer, even if I’m not a fan, and Cher has definitely had her moments (Ask me about my undying love for the film Mermaids sometime). However ….

Hrm. I am unable to embed, so just go here to watch the trailer. I’ll wait.

Yeah. It looks pretty unremarkable. Possibly even stupid. And yet, I find myself wondering if I might actually decide to watch it at some point just because of Stanley Tucci. Isn’t that ridiculous?


2 responses to “Trailer: Burlesque

  1. Is it a musical? If so, yeah, I’ll go see it.

  2. Seeing it for Stanley Tucci is not entirely ridiculous. He’s pretty awesome. I can’t help but always think of him as Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though.

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