Monday a.m. updates

1. Happy birthday, Kevin Smith! I think you’ve become a little bit of a caricature of yourself, but I still love Dogma.
2. Happy birthday, Peter O’Toole! I am looking forward to more of your movies in the near future.
3. Despite Liz Taylor’s tweets to the contrary, news reports are saying that Angelina Jolie is now in talks to play Taylor in the Furious Love-based biopic about Taylor & Burton. Sigh. Wrong choice.
4. I saved the best for last!! News reports are also out stating that Daniel Day-Lewis has signed on to star opposite Robert Downey, Jr. in the second Sherlock Holmes film, set to start filming in October. If you’ll recall, this was the very best casting idea I could come up with, so I’m pretty excited that it might actually happen. I am only holding my breath a little tiny bit for this one until I see more confirmation, but YESSSSSS!!!


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