Mini-review: Salt

I probably ought to have reviewed Salt last week, after I saw it, but I sort of waffled about reviewing it, because really, what is there to say? For me, the “popcorn flick” is the type of movie which, if you don’t expect too much from it, will always deliver. The action was fast-paced, the acting was, I thought, of a slightly higher caliber than many action flicks, since the cast boasted not only Angelina Jolie but also Liev Schrieber and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the plot was suitably ridiculous. Perhaps, like comic-book movies, I am able to be more accepting of action films when they focus on what they do best and leave deep meanings, well-thought-out plots, and Oscar-caliber performances to other, more serious genres.

Having said that…I think I’m done. I could write a whole “review” with a synopsis, etc., but why? Angie’s a spy, there’s lots of ass-kicking, explosions, and questions of who is on which side. It’s fun, and there are worse ways to spend a hot summer afternoon. Do I smell a new franchise? Quite possibly…


2 responses to “Mini-review: Salt

  1. Ridiculous, that’s kind of what I gather from the trailer. But then again, she’s been down that path before with the Lara Croft movies, except the 2nd one had major eye candy so I watched it 🙂 Heh, I hope this doesn’t become a franchise… but heck, who cares, I won’t watch it anyway.

  2. yeah this one was asinine at best. i know i shouldn’t have
    expected anything “real” in it but like i saw The Expendables
    not long after i saw this—and as soon as that one was over
    i thought to myself See that Salt? That’s how you make a
    summer escapist action movie that’s both fun and brainless!

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