Trailer: Inception

I realize I’m maybe a little behind the bandwagon, but that’s because it takes me longer to get worked up/excited about things. As such, I’ve known about Inception for a while, but am just now starting to get a little stoked, since it comes out this weekend. Check the trailer:

Dude. First of all, I’m a reasonably big Christopher Nolan fan, except for The Dark Knight. Yeah yeah yeah, sue me. I thought it was a big unholy mess. But Memento, Insomnia (was ok), The Prestige? Good stuff. And look at that cast! I’m not a DiCaprio fan, but when he’s joined by Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy (Handsome Bob from Rocknrolla, worth a watch!), well, sign me up. I’ve been reasonably meh about new movies this year so far, having seen only two in the theatres (guess which two, go on…it won’t be hard.), but I’m definitely planning a trip to the movies this weekend. Unless A.O. Scott says it sucks. And you?

2 responses to “Trailer: Inception

  1. I’m not reading any reviews until I see this myself. It’s one of those critics-proof movie and so far Nolan hasn’t disappointed me yet. Methinks if I don’t LOVE it, at least I’d respect this movie.

    • Yeah, I was mostly kidding about waiting to see what A.O. Scott says, although I often have more fun reading reviews (mainly his/Pajiba’s) than I probably would actually watching the film. I think the husband and I are interested enough in this one to just go see it, though. We’ve been waiting for a good excuse to go sit in the nice, air-conditioned movie theater anyway. 🙂

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