Newsflash too interesting too ignore!

This is a movie blog, and I am not going to branch out, really, by talking about television. I admit that this is largely because I barely watch any TV, Castle notwithstanding (Fillion!). In particular, I don’t watch Glee, although my husband does. HOWEVER.

I just stumbled upon this bit of news, which it just too cool. Bardem to guest-star on Glee. Whoa, dude. There’s an episode I will watch. I will suck up gawd-awful Broadway-style singing for Mr. Bardem, yes, indeed.

Alright. You may now return to your regularly-scheduled programs.


4 responses to “Newsflash too interesting too ignore!

  1. Ha. Yes, this is an episode to watch.

    So he has the Oscar, this will signal Emmy love now he needs a hit Broadway musical and he’s a triple crowner (am I over thinking this?)

  2. you just wanna hear Bardem sing :))

  3. Singing ability is very important for admittance into the Top Five Club, yes. But mostly, I like looking at him. 🙂 Since you bring it up.

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