Trailer: HP 7/8ish

Why do I still get positively giddy over these? The shine has long ago worn off for me, mostly … I’ve read and re-read most of the books half a dozen times (still need to get back to that last one) and seen all of the movies at least once …but man, any time there’s a new trailer, I am so totally pumped. So, here it is:

Trailer’s a bit busy … too many flashed scenes makes it hard to follow. That could just be my mental state these days, of course. But, as always, the look/feel is fabulous, and it’s just s’darn exciting!

I am slightly less than thrilled about the whole two-parter thing, but I suppose it’s better than a 4 hr movie, right? My main hope for these last two movies is that Rickman as Snape finally gets his due. Now, understand me, I am actually very anti-Snape. I loathe the character. I find him to be a completely deplorable “human being” … which, I admit, means Rowling did a great job on him, and they got a truly great actor to play him, but he hasn’t really had a whole lot to work with yet. Well, Snape-man, your moment has come. Let’s hope they give it to you … I will be looking forward to THAT performance.

Also: needs more Neville.

Still … yeah, sorry, gotta say it … SQUEE!

5 responses to “Trailer: HP 7/8ish

  1. Too funny! My friend and guest blogger Rockerdad just saw this like an hour ago in his cube. I’ve never seen any HP movies, but my hubby and I are curious about it now, so we might rent the first one soon. Boy, we have a lot to catch up on, but with Fiennes, Rickman, and other British thespians here, all the more reason I should check ’em out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more on the more Neville point. Just sayin’.

  3. Trailer looks pretty good! Hopefully it lives up to the expectations.

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